Working with the parishes of St. Aidan’s, Brookfield and St. Thomas the apostle , Jobstown.

Dear Parishioners,

Income to our parishes, our priests and our diocese have collapsed during the last few months, to the point where our diocese of Dublin will be making one third of our lay staff redundant and our priests have had a twenty five percent pay cut. Each of our parishes have been spending significantly more than we brought in over the last number of years. This is simply not sustainable. We need every person who supports our parish community to become a CONSCIOUS contributor under three headings:

A. Your Parish

B. Your Priests (Previously 1st Collection at Mass)

C. Your Diocesan Services / Poorer Parishes (Previously SHARE, 2nd Collection at Mass)

How Can I Contribute?

We will no longer be ‘passing the basket’ at Mass for collections (B) and (C) above. Here’s how to contribute:

To Your Parish:

This pays all parish expenses, repairs/maintenance/salaries/insurance/utilities, etc.

· Use the ‘donate’ button on the St. Mark’s Parish Website (stmarksspringfield.org) or our Facebook page

[parishes of Springfield, Brookfield, Jobstown (St. Mark’s parishioners only)].

· Set up a Standing Order with your bank – Forms available through the parish office.

· Sign up for a box of ‘Family Offering’ envelopes.

· Fill in form on reverse of this sheet and return to office.

To Your Priests and SHARE:

· Use the ‘donate’ button on St. Mark’s Parish Website or Facebook page (St. Mark’s parishioners only for the moment).

· Use the First/Second Collection envelopes available in churches and make a weekly/monthly donation. Return to parish church/sacristy/any member of the parish team.

· Sign up for envelopes for 1st/2nd collections (priests/Share, diocese).


Parish Team


Welcome to St Mark’s Parish Website

As a Christian Community we seek to put Christ at the centre of our Parish by promoting worship and prayer and by endeavoring to live out God’s commandments of love and service of each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope you will learn a little from the information on all aspects of Community and Parish activity. Look under Churches for information about our two churches including Mass and service times or use our search facility. See our contacts page with information as to how to contact us.
We need your help and comments.

Daily Bible Verses

Can a man walk on hot coals without his feet being scorched?


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