Scripture Notes – Corpus Christi – Sunday 6th June 2021

This is my body; this is my blood Welcome The Tarsus Scripture Summer School is open for registration. 15 recorded lectures, to be viewed in your own time. 2 webinars (Welcome Webinar on 1 June; and Q+A on 22 June) Resources Available from June 1 Biblical Models of the People of God. (Jessie Rogers) Experience of church in Mark’s Gospel, the book of Revelation and the First Letter of Peter. (Sean Goan) The Pauline…


Scripture Summer School 2021 : Believing and belonging

Tarsus Scripture School Summer 2021 Dear friends, welcome to our Scripture Summer School 2021. This year, we decided to focus on why belong to a community of faith at all. As always, we’ll be combining current experience and biblical insights. If you know someone who might be interested, please do pass on this email. The full poster is below. 15 pre-recorded lectures 2 webinars (Welcome Webinar on 1 June; and Q+A…