Meditation – 3rd February 2019

‘Devil is defeated by loving your neighbour’
Pope Francis offered a checklist for Catholics to keep
track of how they measure up to the biblical admonition:
If anyone says, ‘I love God’, but hates his brother, he is a
Preaching last week about the passage from the First
Letter of St. John, the Pope said the devil is defeated by
Christians loving their brothers and sisters.
To see how one is doing in the battle, the first question to
ask is: “Do I pray for people? For everyone, concretely,
those whom I like and those I don’t like, for those who are
friends and those who are not?” the Pope said.
The second thing to check, he said, is how often “I feel
inside me sentiments of jealousy, envy, and I start
wanting to wish something bad would happen to him or
her – that is a signal that you do not love. Stop there.
Don’t let those feelings grow. They are dangerous.
Last, he said, the most common sign “that I don’t love my
neighbour and so cannot say I love you God is gossip.
Get this clearly into your heart and your head: If I gossip,
I do not love God because gossip destroys people.”