Vision 2020: Faith into the Future

Vision 2020: Faith into the Future

Dear friends, 
It was pointed out that some links in this week’s general email were linked to the wrong resources. There was also a bit of confusion of Easter 7A20 and Ascension. The website has been adjusted and below are the corrected links.

Before going there, if you are thinking of registering for the Summer School, the time to do that is now. When you register, send me an email for my own list of participants. If you know anyone who might be interested, pass on this email!

(a) Ascension Day (Thursday May 21st or Sunday 24th) 
Full notes (PDF)
Gospel notes (Audio)
Gospel notes (Portable)

(b) Sunday after the Ascension (May 24th) 
In some local churches, the Ascension is still marked on Thursday. In that case, there is a second set of readings for the Sunday after the Ascension.
Full notes (PDF)
Gospel notes (Audio)
Gospel notes (portable)

(c) Zoom lecture on Matthew 28:16-20
As a contribution to these times, an extra exploration of the Gospel for the Ascension has been added. It should be sufficient to click on the link.
The Gospel: a deeper exploration Zoom Lecture
The full list of Zoom presentations is here.

As just noted, in the course of the C-19 crisis, Zoom lectures on the Sunday Gospels have been uploaded. To make it easier to view these, a dedicated YouTube channel has been created, called Hearers of the Word. The material is the same but YouTube is more convenient and, just now, more stable than Zoom. Eventually, all the material should go up.  

Every blessing,

Kieran O’Mahony OSA