A very happy new year to all❄

A very happy New Year to you!

The Lakes by Blessington (Co Wicklow)

30 Dec 2020

A very happy new year to all the subscribers to Hearers of the Word. Thanks for all the support and suggestions through the year.

The pandemic triggered a few new initiatives such as the weekly YouTube video on the Sunday gospel, as well as our major new venture, Tarsus Scripture School.

At the moment, we have embryonic plans to develop TSS in four directions: Holy Week, Pentecost, the Summer School and something in the autumn for people just beginning to become familiar with the Bible. Lots to look forward to, please God. The YouTube Gospel videos were suspended for the holidays; the plan is to resume them after the feast of the Baptism.

Some inspiration, as the new year begins

(i) The message of Pope Francis for the 54th World Day of Peace. The Holy Father is always interesting on wider global issues. You can read the message here.

(2) One of the most theological of the Christmas carols is Of the Father’s Love Begotten. To listen to a beautiful performance, which is also visually appealing, click here. For the words and a little more about the hymn itself, go here.

Wishing you all every blessing in 2021, especially good health and safety.

Kieran J. O’Mahony OSA.