Beginning Experience

B.E. is a support group for those coping with the pain
of loss of their life partner, through death, separation or
divorce. Few people are able to cope alone with the pain
of loss. Do you find that you need more support than
family and friends can provide? Seeking help is a sign
of strength and self-knowledge – not weakness. This is a
healing ministry, which helps to resolve the grief that
goes with the end of a marriage or relationship. Coping
effectively is a skill we can all learn. A team, who are
themselves widowed, separated or divorced share their
experiences with you.
Next Coping Programme will run for 7 Wednesday
nights starting on Wednesday, 5th September 2018, at
7.15pm in Whitefriar Community Centre, Aungier
Street, Dublin 2. No need to book in advance.
For further information please contact 086-0877379 or
email: –