Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas
Christmas is traditionally the season of joy and
goodwill but, for many, it is also a painful time. It
may be the first Christmas without someone you love;
it may be a time when you feel alone or caught up in a
difficult relationship. To all who struggle at this time
of year, we invite you to join us on Friday,
21st December – the longest day of the year – as we
take time and space to acknowledge our sadness, as
we come together with others who are also
struggling and as we turn, in an atmosphere of quiet
prayer, to the God who loves us and walks with us.
To Him we bring all the feelings of loss, anger,
heartbreak and despair which flood our hearts and
threaten to overwhelm us. In the midst of our pain,
we have this comfort: we are not alone.
The Prayer Service will take place in St. Thomas’
Church, Jobstown, at 7.30pm on Friday 21st
December. It will be followed by tea/coffee and
Refreshments. All are welcome to come along.
The people who walk in darkness have seen a
great light