Ecumenical Bible Week 2021

Dear Friends,

We are really pleased to let you know the details of a wonderful series of events happening online for Ecumenical Bible Week 2021 which will be happening from 24th – 30th May 2021. A wonderful series of online events, as we explore the theme of ‘Unlocking Faith Today: Responding to New Realities’.
All the details. speakers profiles and topics are available on the web site, or follow ‘Ecumenical Bible Week’ on Facebook. Registration for all events is FREE. Look up the website for introductions from Fr Kieran O Mahony and Nick Park
Sunday 24th May at 10am Morning Prayer Hosted by Holy Trinity Rathmines
Wednesday 26th May at 5pm – Panel Discussion for Young Adults
Thursday 27th May at 2pm – Symposium Event including guest speakers Dr Austen Ivereigh from UK, Professor Deanna Thonmpson. Professor Sam Mc Conkey and chaired by Wendy Grace from Spirit Radio
Thursday 27th May at 7pm  – Thinking Allowed: Guest speakers will include: Archbishop Dermot Farrell. Archbishop Michael Jackson, Rabbi Charles Middleburgh

Closing Sunday 30th May at 7:30pm – Holden Evening Prayer from Lutheran Church Dublin