Ecumenical Bible Week and Scripture Notes

Vision 2020: Faith into the Future

Dear friends, 
The great cycle of feasts from Advent to Pentecost, celebrating the great events of salvation, has come to an end. With the feast of the Holy Trinity, the invitation is to pause, to catch our breath, to contemplate. Viewed externally, this is a “doctrinal” feast. Viewed internally — chiefly from the point of view of the readings — the feast invites us an experience of relationship, an extraordinary relationship in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In particular, the compact Gospel reading (John 3:16-18) calls to a fresh reading of a familiar text. Simple vocabulary, simple sentence structure — but the depth is extraordinary. Accordingly, a special online lecture has been prepared, going beyond the notes so as to release the deeper meaning. I would be very interested in feed-back on this particular lecture.

(Technical note: last week I set up a dedicated YouTube channel called Hearers fo the Word. Somehow, I locked myself out of that channel. A new version of the channel has been set up, including current and previous presentations. This means that all who kindly subscribed to the previous channel will need to resubscribe to the new one: Hearers of the Word.)   

1. Ecumenical Bible Week 2020
The EBW 2020 takes place this week.  All the details are on our EBW website. To take part in each or all of the events, it is necessary to register on our website

2. Vision 2020: Faith into the Future/ Scripture Summer School
Our annual Summer School takes place this year online. To register, all you do is send an email to me and then make the payment online. Our sincere hope is that the Summer School will still be an enjoyable learning experience for everyone. All the details may be seen on the dedicated web page. All the presentations will be available on a dedicated YouTube channel. 

3. Notes on the Readings
(a) Trinity Sunday
Full notes (PDF)
Gospel notes (Audio)
Gospel notes (Portable)

(b) Extra talk on John 3:16-18  
The Gospel: a deeper exploration Zoom Lecture
The full list of Zoom presentations is here
These talks are also available on a dedicated YouTube Channel: Hearers of the Word. This route is probably more direct and a bit handier for most people. 

4. The homeless
Each year, I undertake one charity cycle — for the homeless.  If you’d like to contribute to this year’s Wexford Cycle, then click on this link. A big thank you to all the donors. 

Wishing you a blessed feast of the Holy Trinity, 

Kieran O’Mahony OSA