Scripture Notes: Feast of the Holy Family

Hearers of the Word: The child grew to maturity, and he was filled with wisdom.


Feast of the Holy Family

Caravaggio: Rest on the Flight into Egypt

(Doria Pamphilj Gallery, Rome)

A very Happy New Year to all!

Dear friends, I wish you all every blessing for the New Year. There are signs of hope and, surely, 2021 will be less fraught than 2020. The notes on the Christmas readings were sent out last week.

Feast of the Holy Family

Families are endlessly fascinating: so much of who we are comes from family and stays with us all our lives. Of course there is darkness, limitation, conflict, all sorts of inherited things. But there is also light, possibility, love and healing grace. It all depends on how we choose to go on from here.

Readings for the Feast

The feast of the Holy Family offers an exceptionally rich choice of readings: there are two first readings to choose from as well as two second readings. If you wish to choose thematically, then I would suggest (a) Genesis / Hebrews / Luke or (b) Sirach / Colossians / Luke.

Because of the extra options, the notes run to rather more pages than usual…that old teacher’s trick “for the sake of completeness”!!

Some musical inspiration

Recently, I came across a really beautiful Irish carol by Máire Mhac an tSaoi: the Angels’ Candles sung by Siobhán Ní Mhaoildhia.

Kieran J. O’Mahony