Halloween Art Exhibition

Halloween Art Exhibition
Attention all boys and girls of Jobstown, Springfield, Belgard, Fettercairn and Brookfield! Do you know where the name ‘Halloween’ comes from? Well, November 1st is the Feast Day of All Saints. A day when we remember that so many people who loved God and other people are now with God in heaven. Some saints are famous like St Francis, St Anthony, or St Patrick but some are people you’ve loved who have died and are now with God.
So, Halloween means ‘the eve’ the night before the feast of the Hallowed, a big word that means ‘holy’. So, Halloween is the eve or the feast of the hallowed those who are holy!
So, the Parish team would like to invite you boys and girls to look up your favorite saint and their story. Maybe ask your grandparents who their favorite saint is, or maybe your called after a great saint! And we want you to draw a picture of the saint!
When you have the picture ready send them into our Parish Office in Jobstown or in Springfield, or drop them into Fr. Pat or Fr Bill’s house at 68/70 Maplewood Road Springfield.
Make sure you write your name and age on the picture and put your parents name and contact number on the back of it, because there will be prizes for the HOLIEST PICTURES! 😁
Please have your masterpieces into us by November 4th so that we put up all your pictures in our Church so that when you come into light a candle and say a prayer you can see them!
Another idea is that you could dress up as your favorite saint at home this year!
So Happy Halloween boys and girls, happy Eve of all Saints everyone. Be safe, be well and be kind!
The Parish Team. 🔥🙏😊