Introduction of Envelopes for the 1st and 2nd Collections

Dear Parishioners,
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all who contribute
so generously to our Family Offering collection, through the
weekly envelope or by Standing Order. However, rising costs
involved in the day to day running of our parish buildings, from
essential maintenance to heating and electricity, is a huge drain
on our resources. With this in mind, we hope to introduce an
envelope system for the First Collection, which is for the priests
of the diocese, and the Share collection, which supports
struggling parishes. This new envelope system has been
introduced successfully in a number of parishes.
How will this new envelope system help OUR parish?
As you may be aware, a Tax Relief system exists for those who
contribute €250 or more to a charity. As we are a registered
charity we are allowed to claim, with the permission of the
donor, an additional sum which can amount to as much as 45%
of the donation from Revenue. There is no loss or cost incurred
by any person who is willing to do this and confidentiality is
assured in all aspects of this process.
For a person who contributes €250, through any or all envelope
collections, in a tax year, it is possible to receive an additional
€112. By agreeing to take a box of envelopes for each of our
Sunday collections it gives the parish the opportunity to
generate extra income.
What do I do to avail of the envelope system?
This is a voluntary system which you may or may not wish to
opt into. To opt out there is no need to do anything. It just
means we cannot factor your donations into the scheme to
generate extra revenue for the parish but we still appreciate and
thank you for your contributions.
Should you choose to opt in to the new envelope system please
complete the form which will be handed out after Mass and
drop it into the parish office or to one of the priests and we will
have the boxes ready to collect in due course. Each envelope
will be clearly marked for each collection and will have a no.
unique to you and your family’s donation. A finance team
member will speak at Mass about the proposed introduction.
*Please note the envelope system for 1st/2nd collections at
Mass is only suitable for current taxpayers.