Meditation – 10th June 2018

The Deep End – ‘He has gone out of his mind’
In the Gospel today we hear that Jesus made a visit home.
Word about this radical teacher had gotten around and the
religious leaders are not happy. In an effort to protect their
son and brother, Jesus’ family try to restrain him in order
to protect him. The people who have gathered try to
dismiss Jesus’ teachings saying that he has ‘gone out of his
mind’. The religious leaders even go so far as to say that
he is possessed by a demon! Perhaps their way of
explaining away someone that they could not cope with.
Who in our society today is explained away? Who do we
wish would stop speaking out because it makes us
uncomfortable? Who do we know who is speaking the
truth and yet is dismissed by those in authority? Who tries
to silence others?
One of the criticisms of Christians today is that we
are not Christ-like or we are no longer challenged by the
Gospel message. Sometimes it is easier to ‘keep your head
down’. But Jesus knows that in order to bring change, to
work for God’s kingdom of love and justice and peace, this
involves sticking your head above the parapet, whether that
be in our communities, our families or in our church.

I began to wonder if anyone still
believed Jesus meant those things he
said. I thought if we just stopped and
asked “what if he really meant it?” it
could turn the world upside down. It is
a shame Christians have become so
Shane Claiborne,
The Irresistible Revolution

Jane Mellett