Meditation – 10th November 2019

The Deep End – ‘Children of the Resurrection’
In today’s Gospel, the Sadducees are trying to trap
Jesus, using a slightly exaggerated and absurd case
about whose wife someone will be in heaven if they
have married many times. They have no faith in the
resurrection and therefore do not grasp that in a
place of peace, justice and freedom, people cannot
be ‘owned’ or ‘given’. Questions like the one posed
by the Sadducees ignore the radical freshness of the
Kingdom of God. All we really can be sure of is
that that place will be radically different to anything
we know, a new creation.
We are all ‘children of this world’ who are
called to be ‘children of the resurrection’. You
might recall today someone who has passed away,
who in some sense, because of their influence on
people, ‘lives on’ in the lives of those they touched.
But they are ‘children of the resurrection’ not
because of their own goodness, but because of the
power of Christ to raise us from the dead.
Let us use this week to notice the moments of
resurrection all around us. God’s Kingdom is also
here and now, if we allow ourselves to be present
and aware to this ongoing ‘new creation’.
‘You were born a child of light’s
wonderful secret – you return to the
beauty you have always been.’
Jane Mellett