Meditation – 11th November 2018

The Deep End – The Widow’s Mite
In today’s Gospel, Jesus is courageously speaking
out against the hypocrisy of the religious leaders
of his time. He is encouraging all his followers to
engage in a reality check. The hypocrisy of the
scribes is in total contrast to the humility and
generosity of the widow in the second part of the
Gospel. She gives not of what she has to spare,
but everything she has. She is freer than the
others. We can be quick to make judgements
about another person’s commitment based on
what we see happening on the outside. Those
leaders who acquire the best seats and show up in
all the frills may not actually be all they appear to
be. Jesus is urging us to look into the person’s
heart for what is there is far more important than
all the trappings on the outside. The widow gives
everything and this does not have to be about
money. We might recall those today who give of
themselves expecting nothing in return. We
might thank them, pray for them. We can also
look into our own hearts today and challenge our
motivations for what we do. Can we give more
of ourselves to God or to someone we love? A
listening ear, ‘wasting time’ with people, looking
at how we spend our money. Jesus calls us to
search our hearts and the hearts of others in
today’s gospel. The widow models Jesus’ way of
discipleship in contrast to those in positions of
leadership and power.
Jane Mellett