Meditation – 12th January 2020

The Deep End – Baptism of Jesus
John the Baptist was driven by one mission: to point
people to Jesus, to prepare the way for Jesus. Yet John is
uneasy in this account of Jesus’ baptism. The moment has
arrived but he is standing before someone much greater
than himself and is being asked to minister. John feels
unqualified, unworthy of such a task. After some
persuasion ’John gave into him’ and accepted his
responsibility. This is a lesson to all of us, not to let
feelings of inadequacy stop us from carrying out our
various missions and vocations in our lives. Jesus
explains to John that this is necessary as a sign for the
beginning of his ministry, a public statement of identity.
Today we might consider our own baptism and what it
means to us. At that moment we were anointed as priests,
prophets and Kings. To what extent do we live this out in
our Christian lives? John points us towards Jesus and we
can ask, do we also point the way to Jesus for others?
How can we be a signpost for others?
Remember today those who pointed the way for you at
various times in your life. Maybe a chaplain in school or
college, a teacher, grandparent, a friend, a retreat you
participated in. At various times in our lives we meet
these ‘signposts’ which help us to grow in our faith and
deepen our awareness of Christ’s love. Let us celebrate
all of these ‘baptismal’ moments today.

Jane Mellett