Meditation – 13th January 2019

The Deep End – The Baptism of the Lord
Today’s Gospel tells us that the people were ‘filled with
expectation’. It sounds like a very exciting time as they
wonder who this prophet could be. John must have been
a very dynamic and inspiring preacher as the people
speculated if he were the one they had been waiting for.
He uses all of this attention for one purpose: to point
people to Jesus.. There are many people in our lives who
have pointed us towards Jesus, perhaps by an invitation to
an event or a retreat or by sharing a reflection with us at
just the right time. In them, we see something special and
interesting that makes us wonder in our hearts and seek a
little further. They are the John the Baptists in our lives,
pointing us towards the Lord like signposts along the way.
John humbly responds to the people by saying: ‘One who
is more powerful than I is coming.’ He emphasises that it
is He who will really set their hearts on fire. While the
words concerning ‘winnowing forks’ seem harsh, we
might interpret them as speaking of God’s power to
transform our lives through Jesus. When Jesus enters into
the narrative, Luke emphasises that He is at prayer, and it
is then that this powerful experience of God occurs. A
nice meditation for today is to repeat the last sentence of
today’s Gospel, imagining God speaking these words to
you: ‘You are my Daughter/Son, the Beloved; with you I
am well pleased.
Jane Mellett