Meditation – 15th September 2019

The Deep End Called to ‘come to our senses’
The three parables of things lost and found emphasise the
unending forgiveness of God, and God’s rejoicing for
those who return. In each of the situations there is a
frantic search for that which is lost and a huge celebration
when the lost is found. In the parable of the Lost Son
there is much to reflect on. We hear that the younger
brother eventually ‘came to his senses’. We might pray
today that God shows us the aspects of our lives in which
we also need to come to our senses.
In this Season of Creation, we lament the
destruction of God’s creation, we reflect on the loss of
bio-diversity and the loss of human life caused by climate
change. We pray that as a global community we might,
like the lost son, ‘come to our senses’ and take the actions
that are necessary to change course. It all seems so huge
and perhaps we feel there is nothing significant we can do.
That is not the case. As parishes, we can lead by example
and show our commitment to care for the earth. The
future of our environment depends on the action we take
now as a society. As with all significant change, it begins
with the grassroots.
‘I wish to address every person living on this
planet… to enter into dialogue with all people
about our common home… The climate is a
common good, belonging to all and meant for all.’
(Laudato Si’ 3,23)
Suggestions for the week: Can you encouracge your
family to make small changes in the home, such as
ensuring all water is correctly recycled, composting,
encouraging one another to use public transport or walk/
cycle when possible? We start with our lives.
Jane Mellett