Meditation – 16th June 2019

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Trinity, the
doctrine that is the beginning, the end and the centre of all
Christian theology. What the mystery and doctrine of the
Trinity means is that God lives as the mystery of love
among people.
Each of us has been Baptised, brought into the
Church, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of
the Holy Spirit. This is how we begin every Mass and all
our prayers. The following hymn is a reflection on the
action of the Blessed Trinity in each of our lives. God is
revealed as the one who creates us, sustains us, who
redeems us and who dwells with us continually.

Creating God
Creating God, your fingers trace
The bold designs of farthest space
Let sun and moon and stars and light
And what lies hidden, praise Your might

Sustaining God, your hands uphold
Earth’s mysteries known or yet untold
Let water’s fragile blend with air
Enabling life, proclaiming care

Redeeming God, your arms embrace
All now despised for creed or race
Let peace descending like a dove
Make known on earth, your healing love

Indwelling God, your gospel claims
One family with a billion names
Let every life be touched by grace
Until we praise you face to face.