Meditation – 19th January 2020

The Deep End – The Lamb of God
In today’s Gospel, John the Baptist is inviting us to look at
Jesus. He calls Jesus the ‘lamb of God who takes away
the sins of the world’. We say these words often at Mass
and today we are invited to meditate on them more
closely. What does it mean? In Jesus’ time, two lambs
were sacrificed in the Temple in Jerusalem each day. It
was a ritual that invoked purity. Jesus will preach a love
that is radical for many, in a world that was, and still is,
broken. John refers to Jesus as the lamb as he knows that
if one loves in such a way, they will suffer at the hands of
unjust systems and institutions.
When we look at the ‘sins’ of our world today –
broken relationships, crisis, can we also see those who,
like Jesus, ‘take away’ the sins of the world? Christ’s
love was not passive, he actively challenged systems that
were oppressive and which prevented people from living
life to the full. Whether it be the climate crisis or the
homelessness crisis or any number of issues we face, look
where Jesus walks and is actively working to ease this
suffering. When we hear these words at Mass, let us be
reminded of all those who sacrifice much to ease the
sufferings of others. This is Christ, the ‘lamb of God’
active in our world today.
‘The descent into the waters of our
spirit, is a journey into the presence of
divinity … all human beings are children
of God but not all live in the awareness
that there is ‘that of God’ within them’.
W.L. Wallace
Jane Mellett