Meditation – 19th May 2019

The Deep End – Love one another
‘Love one another’ is the basic principle of Christianity,
to love as Jesus loved. It is simple, yet we can make it so
complicated. Jesus’ love was controversial for some
people, because it was love without exclusion. To love as
Jesus loved is to love those it is hard to love. This love
ultimately led to Jesus’ death. Jesus loved sinners, tax
collectors, prostitutes, people of other religions, the poor,
the unwanted, the sick, the beggar, the leper. This love is
too much for some Christians today also. It is hard to
love the sinner or to love family members who hurt us.
Yet this is the love that we are called to. Once we begin
to accept that we are infinitely loved by God, it is like a
domino effect where that love is poured outwards in our
lives. We are part of this outpouring of God’s creative
love and are called to bring this into places where there is
none. In this way we are helping to heal, sustain and
nourish this world.
Let us hear those words of the Gospel more clearly
today: ‘Just as I have loved you, you must also love one
another. By this everyone will know that you are my
disciples.’ Let us dream of, and work towards, a world
where this is a reality.
‘God has given us the power to create
beauty, to make another smile, to be a
healing presence in someone’s sorrow,
to bring justice to the oppressed, to
console those in difficulty, to bring
peace and joy to others, to help those
in need, to laugh and enjoy life, to do
good and turn from evil, to forgive
those who hurt us, and most of all, to love.’
Iris Perez
Jane Mellett