Meditation- 1st July 2018

The Deep End – Healing miracles
Today’s gospel offers us two stories of the healing miracles
of Jesus showing us something of how God’s grace can enter
our lives and transform our situations. We can all recall
times when we were struggling, whether it be with a relationship
or illness. We needed something to move us, to
help us forgive, to help us walk away or to relieve us of
physical pain. In the end it can be the simple gestures that
save us: a kind word, someone praying for us, a gentle
touch or we reach out to someone and like the woman with
the haemorrhage we suddenly feel within ourselves that we
are healed.
The woman is physically healed through her faith-filled action
but Jesus reaches out to her in another way by calling
her ‘Daughter’. He restores her status among the people.
She would have been completely outcasted in
society because of her illness and Jesus does not let social
convention dictate who he should or should not
acknowledge. All are children of God. We are called to
do the same, to reach out to those whom we would rather
not be associated. Jesus reminds the people of this
woman’s true identity as a child of God.
As Mark returns to the account of Jairus’ daughter we hear
how Jesus restores the young girl to life with the simple
words: ‘Talitha, Kum!’ (little girl, get up). God’s grace is
gentle yet can bring life to situations of death. What do
you need healing from today? Ask the Lord for what you
Jane Mellett