Meditation – 1st October 2017

The Deep End – What is Mission?

What does it mean to be a missionary? I have held to a variety
of definitions since I first identified myself as one. When I first
went out ‘on mission’, it was clear to me that mission was
strictly limited to making disciples of all Nations, to bring
people into the faith. During my first long term placement in
Uganda I met my husband, who identified as a missionary, but
shockingly he was a carpenter, and had never led a single Bible
study. Could he truly be a missionary if his day t day work was
(as I saw it) so mundane?
As I watched how he gave all of himself to build
beautiful, strong buildings that would benefit so many people,
my eyes were opened. He developed quality relationships with
the builders he worked with, and the skills he taught them
completely transformed their lives. And it was all motivated by
his faith in Jesus.
On return to Europe I struggled with no longer being a
missionary. I couldn’t see how O could honestly respond ‘I
will go’, and mean it, because I wasn’t going anywhere!
So I redefined (again!) my concept of mission. For me,
mission is bringing about the kingdom of God, wherever we
find ourselves in the world. I will go, even if ‘go’ means ‘stay’.

Louise Talbot Beirne—VMM International


Prayer to Mary, Mother of the Life Within
O Mary, Mother of the Life Within,
all life we entrust to you;
The life of every expectant mother
and the child within her womb:
The life of every human body,
the life of every human soul;
The life of every newborn child
and the life of all grown old.
You held the Lord to your own heart and
drew him so close in.
So draw us now in all our needs,
O Mother of the Life Within.