Meditation – 20th January 2019

The Deep End – ‘The First of His Signs’
This is a familiar story, rich in symbolism. It is the first
‘sign’ recorded in John’s Gospel. These ‘signs’ in John’s
Gospel are miracle stories but John prefers to use the term
‘sign’, as they point to something far more than just the
miracle itself. John used these signs to encourage belief
in his readers but they are also an invitation for us to
understand something more of how God operates in our
Jesus transforms the water which would be used for the
Jewish purification rite. He takes something used to give
life to people, and transforms it into something which
brings joy, celebration and new life to the party. There
are many messages we can take from this account: the
ability of God to transform our lives, to transform that
which is dead and stale. The abundance of wine (approx.
700 litres!) is a significant reminder of the abundance of
God’s love for us, beyond our comprehension.
We could also focus on the role of Mary in this Gospel –
she is the one who notices, she is attentive to the needs of
those around her and brings this concern to Jesus. We
might pray today that we too may be able to notice, to see,
to intervene when we are faced with situations that need
attention. This may be a situation of injustice or it may be
a situation where something in our lives or in our church
has become dead and stale and is in desperate need of new
Jane Mellett