Meditation – 23rd June 2019

The Deep End – Feast of Love
Pope Benedict XVI once described today’s feast as ‘a day
on which heaven and earth work together’. He said:
‘Corpus Christi is an expression of faith in God, in love, in
the fact that God is love. Love does not consume: it gives
and, in giving, receives.’
This is a wonderful way to approach Communion.
When we receive the body and blood of Jesus, it is a gift
of love. But if we keep this gift for ourselves, and do not
give in return, that is not love. The disciples in today’s
Gospel have a small amount of food, five loaves and two
fish – maybe enough to feed themselves, at a stretch. But
Jesus had a very different idea. Notice that Jesus hands
this gift over to them to distribute among the hungry
crowd. It is the disciples’ responsibility to feed the
hungry, to give to those in need, and to love the very
crowds that they had earlier suggested sending away.
The Feast of Corpus Christi reminds us of our need
to be in communion with the whole body of Christ. There
is room for everyone at the banquet, especially the poor
and the hungry, and it is up to us to help those in need.
Having received this gift of love, we are expected to pass
it on. There is more than enough bread for everyone.
‘If there is‘ hunger anywhere in the
world, then our celebration of the
Eucharist is somehow incomplete
everywhere in the world…We cannot
properly receive the Bread of Life
unless at the same time we give the
bread of life to those in need,
wherever and whoever they may be.’
Pedro Arrupe SJ
Tríóna Doherty