Meditation – 24th Dec 2017

The Deep End – Born on the Margins
The situation into which Jesus was born was one of
huge stigma with dangerous consequences. God’s
physical birth into this world was condemned socially;
Jesus was marginalised from the moment of his
conception. Imagine God choosing to be involved so
intimately in this world and in such a shocking way.
Even the town of Galilee is problematic for this news,
as Galileans were considered by the religious leaders of
the time to be ‘second-class Jews’. So the fact that God
would send his messenger there is controversial in
itself. Galilean Jews were considered to be less faithful
than others, so it is ironic that in this particular
situation Mary’s response is the exact opposite. God
surprises. God stands with the marginalised. God is
present in the most hidden places at times. On the first
Sunday of Advent we were invited to ‘keep awake’. As
we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ,
what have you noticed this Advent? What has your
waiting been like? How have you prepared? Where
have you seen God being born around you? In the most
unexpected places? In the most marginalised? Is your
heart more open to receive a new birth of God again?
‘Quiet me within, clothe my body in
peacefulness, that your Word once
again may take flesh—this time, within
me – as once it did in holy Mary; long
Advent days ago.’
Edward Hays
Jane Mellett