Meditation – 25th June 2017

The Deep End – Even the Hairs of your
Head are Counted
Today’s Gospel is an affirmation for all those who feel
persecuted in any way because of their beliefs or because
people are speaking badly about them, or those who feel
alienated from their community, their family or even from
God. During such times it can be extremely lonely to the
point where one can lose their sense of purpose in this
world. While we might not want to shout from the rooftops,
as Jesus suggests, there is a message here to speak
out, to talk it out. Today, spend time on the beautiful
words of Jesus in this Gospel – ‘Even the hairs of your
head are all counted, so do not be afraid; you are of more
value than many sparrows!’ The sparrow, one of the
smallest of birds is created for and loved by God. This is
a reminder that no matter how insignificant we might feel
or how challenging the circumstances get, God is with us,
each of us. Once again, we are being told how sacred
each and every person is and how much we are loved by
God. In his eyes, each of us are precious. Today, recall
the times or places where you felt God’s supporting
‘When we travel through those
wilderness places of our lives where we
feel lost, insecure, lonely, frustrated,
discouraged, or overcome by busyness:
Help us to trust in you, God of the
journey. When we catch glimpses of the
tremendous love you have for us and
experience a deep, loving connection
with others: Help us to trust in you, God
of the journey.’

Joyce Rupp



Jane Mellett