Meditation – 26th January 2020

The Deep End – Jesus Begins His Ministry in
In today’s Gospel we hear that Jesus withdrew to Galilee
and made his home in Capernaum by the lake. Anyone
who has been to the Holy Land will have visited
Capernaum and will know that it is a beautiful place. In
Jesus’ time this was a thriving fishing town.
To ‘repent’ literally means ‘to turn around’. We are called
to transformation, to turn away from what is not life
giving and embrace a full life.
It’s hard to imagine behaving in the same way as Simon
Peter and Andrew, leaving everything behind them and
following Jesus. There must have been something very
attractive about Jesus. The account in Matthew is quite
short but one wonders if they had heard him speak many
times before this moment. It takes courage to drop
everything and follow something new. Obviously, they
were ready for it, it was the right moment and their hearts
said ‘yes!’
These accounts are the beginning of Jesus’ public
ministry. Today perhaps you can reflect on moments you
were called to something new and even though it meant
leaving something behind, you knew it was the right
choice. You were at peace with your decision despite the
challenges it might bring. This process never ends, we are
constantly called to ‘repent’, renew, rediscover, seek out.

Jane Mellett