Meditation – 26th May 2019

The Deep End – We will come to them
In a verse preceding today’s Gospel, the disciples ask
Jesus why he will not show the whole world who he is.
It’s an excellent question. Surely this whole faith-journey
experience and relationship with God would be far easier
if there were fireworks and clear instructions. Jesus’
response to the disciples is: ‘Those who love me will
keep my word, and my Father will love them, and we will
come to them and make our home with them.’ This is the
opening line of today’s Gospel. It reminds us that what is
required first is an inner relationship with God, so that
God can come and make a home with us: ‘we will come
to them and make our home with them.’ It is there where
we discover who Jesus is.
The peace (shalom) that Jesus gives to the disciples has a
much richer meaning than we might first think. This
‘shalom’ is not simply a good wish for a nice evening; it
is, rather, a peace that this world cannot offer. It is a
peace that comes from a loving relationship with God; a
peace of body, of mind and of spirit. Jesus is asking the
disciples to be an unending witness to God’s love. They
(and we) must be for others what Jesus has been for them.
In this way we, and the world, will come to see who Jesus
‘When we understand the essential unity
of all that is, we discover the possibility
of ‘peace’ -the kind of peace that in Hebrew
is called shalom, and which is infinitely
more than an absence of strife; it is the
wholeness of the web of life itself and of
every creature in it, held in the wholeness of
the one God.’
Margaret Silf

Jane Mellett