Meditation – 2nd February 2020

The Deep End – Unexpected Moments
It was an important day for this little family, when Mary
and Joseph brought Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem.
Did they expect everything to go smoothly, or had they
already had to let go of some of their dreams and plans?
After all, the story of Jesus’ birth had already been
unusual, not to mention the shepherds turning up to visit
the newborn Messiah. Still, they could not have expected
two elderly people to suddenly appear in the Temple with
a message about their child – that he was going to do great
things but also would be rejected and cause great pain to
his mother. Was it at this moment that they realised life
would never be the same again?
The most important messages can come from unexpected
sources. Anna and Simeon were advanced in years, wise
and devout people who had lived well, and still hoped and
trusted in God’s plan. This encounter was unexpected for
them too, taking place close to the end of their lives; but
they were ready, willing and able to recognise its
significance. Their call was to be among the first people
to encounter the Messiah and to share the Good News.
What is our call? The story of Anna and Simeon shows us
the value of being open to an encounter with Jesus.
Despite what we have been through, or what stage we are
at in life, there are good things to come. Each of us has
something unique to offer. We pray that we will
recognise the unexpected opportunities to encounter God
that come our way.
Tríona Doherty