Meditation – 30th June 2019

The Deep End – I’ll do it tomorrow!
Those of us who are procrastinators will identify with
today’s Gospel. We have the best of intentions, but
somehow our ‘to do’ list for today keeps getting pushed
out until tomorrow, and the next day, and the next week.
There is always an excuse, or something more urgent that
needs to be done. The things that we do not prioritise get
relegated to the bottom of the list, and sometimes drop off
altogether, so that they never get done.
In Luke’s Gospel, when Jesus invites people to
follow him, he gets some similar responses – I’ll be right
with you, I’ll add it to my ‘to do’ list. ‘I will follow you,
sir, but first let me …’ The excuses these people give are
far from feeble: one wants to go and bury his or her father
first, another simply wants to say goodbye to their family.
But Jesus has what sound like very harsh words for these
predicaments. There is no time, there can be no excuses,
this is more important.
Discipleship is a path that requires sacrifice. It is a
path that means living in a new and different way. Rather
than focusing on the past, we need to move forward and
get on with the task. Jesus tells us: ‘Once the hand is laid
on the plough, no one who looks back is fit for the
kingdom of God.’ There is work to be done, and it cannot
wait. People who are hungry, homeless, marginalised or
suffering cannot wait. Our ‘to do’ lists need to be shaken
up. If we are to live as disciples, the time is not
tomorrow, it is now.