Meditation – 6th January 2019

The Deep End – ‘We observed his star at his rising’
The Wise Men were probably astronomers and philosophers,
but most importantly they were ‘seekers’, looking to the skies
for something that would bring them closer to God. They
would have been familiar with the prophecy about a new King
who would be a very powerful leader, and they may have been
watching the skies for years, waiting for the right astronomical
sign which would foretell His birth. Many astronomers have
since tracked the skies from that period, to try to identify what
‘star’ the Wise Men could have seen. Some have identified
Jupiter, not a star, which in 6BC was following that correct
trajectory across the sky over many months. One must admire
the faithful and determined journey that these Wise Men set out
on, a journey which involved many risks. The Wise Men
represent all peoples of all cultures and faiths who make such
journeys in search of God.
We often look for signs in our own lives, especially
when we are looking for answers. Let us have the courage to
move out of our comfort zones in search of Jesus, just as the
Wise Men did. They had no idea of what awaited them, but
the Gospel speaks of their delight and joy when they arrived to
that place.
‘We often make do with looking at the
ground … I wonder if we still know
how to look up at the sky? Do we
know how to dream, to long for God,
to expect the newness he brings, or
do we let ourselves be swept along by
life, like dry branches before the wind?’
Pope Francis
Jane Mellett