Meditation – 6th May 2018

The Deep End – A brief history of love
God does not have favourites, Peter tells us. You wouldn’t
think that was the case sometimes, listening to some of the
people who purport to speak on his behalf.
When Professor Stephen Hawking passed away
earlier this year, people from all walks of life paid tribute
to his brilliance, his scientific legacy, his courage and his
sense of humour. Professor Hawking’s work taught the
world so much about the boundless mysteries of the
universe. Though he considered himself an atheist, he
believed that life had meaning, and that we should always
be curious about how the universe came into existence. He
believed in love, and is quoted as saying ‘It would not be
much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you
And yet, after his death, there were some who
couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask: where is he now, this
man who did not believe in God? The judgement and lack
of compassion was staggering, coming as it did from
Christian commentators. Where is the love in such
Today we bring everything back to one word: love.
There are more than twenty references to love in today’s
readings. God’s love does not discriminate. In the second
reading we hear that ‘everyone who loves is begotten by
God and knows God’, while ‘anyone who fails to love can
never have known God, because God is love.’ That love
that God showed by sending his Son for us, is the same
generous, wholehearted, self-sacrificing love we are called
to show others – whether their beliefs align with ours or
not. God does not have favourites.
Tríona Doherty