Meditation – 7th May 2017

‘8th Amendment’

Listening to some of the commentary on the recent Citizens’ Assembly and the campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment you would be forgiven for thinking that abortion is not even a moral issue, let alone a hugely important one which will impact on the lives of thousands of people, born and unborn, into the future.

It is difficult for a ‘pro-life’ perspective to be even heard in the public square. While these are difficult and complex issues at its heart this is an issue on how we value/treasure (or not) the life of THE MOST VULNERABLE in our society, the unborn. As Catholic Christians we have a duty to be clear as to the issues involved and should be able and willing to defend the ‘right to life’ of the unborn. This means educating ourselves on both sides of the argument. With this in mind, we’ll offer some small help by designating the notice board at the back of the church (outside sacristy) as a ‘love them both’ board for the immediate future. If some parishioners were prepared to begin a ‘love them both’ group in the parish it would be a valuable asset.

Finally, we should all pray every day for all those with influence in this debate, pray for women (and their partners) in difficult pregnancies and pray for our children, born and unborn.