Meditation – 8th April 2018

The Deep End – The Peace of Jesus
We do not come through suffering and difficult times
unscarred. We are changed by them. Often they bring
some sort of growth into our lives and that is usually not a
pleasant experience. Today’s Gospel shows us that even
in those difficult times, faith can be transformative. Jesus
came and stood amongst the disciples even though the
doors were firmly closed. The peace that he gives them
(shalom) is a peace of body, of mind and of spirit; it
moves the disciples from despair and being ‘locked away’
to ‘rejoicing’. Jesus then asks the disciples to be an
unending witness to God’s love. They, and we, must be
for others what Jesus has been for them. The risen Jesus
is active in all our lives and in the world around us, but
we must be careful not to close ourselves off or let fear
take over. This is not easy as we often meet cynicism and
doubt. Yet, John tells us that he writes these things so
that we may come to believe and have life; reminding us
of the importance of the Word of God for our lives.
Through the Word we come to know Jesus more deeply
and can experience this peace that he offers us.
‘For even if the whole world believed in
resurrection, little would change until we
began to practice it. We can believe in
CPR, but people will remain dead until
someone breathes new life into them.’
Shane Claiborne