Meditation – 8th September 2019

The Deep End – Rethinking our attachments
The Gospel is troubling. Does Jesus really expect us to hate
our families, friends and even ourselves in order to be his
followers? We are being invited to think about how we attach
ourselves to things and to people, even to images of ourselves.
Attachment can cause all sorts of suffering in our lives. If we
are to grow, we must move on from the comfortable, let go of
the familiar. That can often be painful.
During the month of September, we are celebrating the
Season of Creation. We know our world is currently suffering
from a catastrophic loss of bio-diversity, largely caused by a
consumerist culture. Insects, mammals, trees, plants and
creatures are becoming extinct. We pray that this decline may
end, and we acknowledge that we are part of a complex,
delicate and interdependent web of life, created by God.
Today’s Gospel invites us to let go of the attachments in our
lives which contribute to this destruction. Let us try to live
more simply and sustainably, and to encourage others to do the
same. We are called to examine our relationship with material
things and walk more gently on the earth.
‘It is not enough to think of different
species merely as potential ‘resources’
to be exploited, while overlooking the
fact that they have value in themselves
… Because of us, thousands of species
will no longer give glory to God by
their very existence, nor convey their
message to us. We have no such right.’
(Laudato Si’, 33)

Suggestion of the week: Can you remove single use plastic
from your life? Buy a reusable water bottle and reusable coffee
cup. Say no to plastic straws and food wrapping

Jane Mellett