Meditation – 9th December 2018

The Deep End – Make his paths straight
Preparing for the arrival of someone important takes care
and attention. Think of a family preparing to welcome a
loved one home from abroad, perhaps a son or daughter
who lives in Australia or someone who has been off
travelling the world. They get their bedroom ready, buy
their favourite foods, perhaps put up banners or even
organise a ‘welcome home’ party. It is all done with great
excitement and love, and is a way of easing the path home
for the traveller. Or imagine new parents preparing for
the arrival of a baby. There are practical considerations
such as buying nappies and clothing and getting a cot
ready, and of course the nerves and excitement as they
prepare to welcome the new arrival.
On a larger scale, when an important dignitary visits
a venue or a country there is also a flurry of activity in
preparation. We saw it in the painstaking arrangements
made for the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland earlier this
year. Such high profile visits often involve a literal
preparation of the way – organising a welcome reception,
planning the best route from the airport, clearing the
streets of traffic, as well as much chatter and anticipation.
Today’s Gospel brings these two types of welcome
to mind. During Advent, we prepare for the coming of
Jesus by our actions, when we are generous with our time,
patient with our families, and help those in need. And we
do all these things with excitement and love, so that Christ
will find the warmest of welcomes and a clear route into
our hearts.
Tríona Doherty