Meditation – Feast of Christ the King – 25th November 2018

The Deep End – ‘So You are a King?
Today is the Feast of Christ the King and this Gospel certainly
gives us an opportunity to lay aside a lot of cultural baggage we
may have about kings, leaders and kingdoms. The Jewish
leaders want Jesus executed and so they bring him to Pilate
who engages in a debate with Jesus on ‘kingship’. Jesus is
accused of claiming to be a ‘king’ and this passage plays on
both the political and religious meaning of that word. Pilate is
concerned with whether or not Jesus poses a threat to Roman
rule, while the Jewish religious leaders are worried about the
type of ‘Messiah king’ Jesus claims to be. Through his ministry
Jesus has shown them that His kingdom is unlike the one
that Pilate, or many other earthly leaders know. It is a kingdom
built on love, service, justice, reconciliation and peace. Few
‘kings’ can measure up to this. Jesus is a servant King, a beacon
of light for today’s world. Who do you know in our world
today who is the more living example of this type of kingship?
When you look at the world’s political leaders, do they shine
like a beacon light striving foe peace, justice and care for the
earth? On this Feast of Christ the King we celebrate a type of
kingship that is a display of radical love. What a different
world we would have if all those who hold power and authority
led in such a way. Let us pray today that all leaders will be
open to listening to the Spirit and strive for a more just world.
Jane Mellett