Online Novena to the Sacred Heart

Dear friends, 
The Jesuits in Gardiner St (Dublin) have asked me to give the talks for the novena to the Sacred Heart this year. I was delighted to be asked and am preparing the material now.

The novena has a title: “Is your heart in the right place?”. The talks are all based on passages from Luke’s Gospel and have titles such as,

  • A listening heart

  • A compassionate heart

  • A prayerful heart etc.

My hope is that people “attending” online will use the time not only for prayer and reflection but also to take the opportunity to read through Luke’s Gospel. Reading through a whole Gospel is something we rarely undertake and the cumulative impact can be powerful.  Today we need as never before Luke’s message of liberation, joy, prayer and mission. His portrait of Jesus is very compelling.

Enclosed is some material on the novena. The Gardiner St website has lots more material.

Best regards,


Kieran O’Mahony OSA

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