‘Our Common Humanity’ – Life Issues

‘Our Common Humanity’ – Life Issues
Extracts from the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference
Two Lives, one love
An expectant mother needs and deserves the care and
support of everyone around her, particularly if her
pregnancy poses a serious crisis for her and her
family. A mother may be informed that her baby
faces serious challenges or is perhaps terminally ill.
She might be pregnant as a result of rape. Especially
in those tragic cases both the mother and her unborn
child can – and must – be loved and cherished.
A compassionate society will do all in its power to
support and love both mother and baby, and
encourage responsible support from fathers. This
vision of life makes sense to people of all faiths and
none. While it is enriched by our Catholic faith, it is
our common humanity that convinces us of the right
to life of every human being.