Dear Parishioner,
We hope this note finds you and all you love well and happy.
The Parish Team, Area Pastoral council and many people of good will have been working for some time to prepare for the joyful occasion of re-opening our parish churches doors to welcome you all once again.
A sincere thanks to One and All who were such faithful helping hands and presence.
As you are most likely aware, we still have major restrictions on the numbers who will be allowed in the churches (50 Max at the moment). Masses will be celebrated as follows:
ST. MARK’S PARISH CHURCH – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 10 am. Every Thursday – Eucharistic Adoration from 10 am to 3 pm. Saturday 6.30 pm and Sunday Mass at 12.30 pm.
CHURCH OF THE INCARNATION – Sunday Mass at 10 am.
ST. AIDAN’S PARISH CHURCH, BROOKFIELD – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10 am (please note that morning Mass time is changed from 9.15 am). Sunday – at 10.30 am.
ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE PARISH CHURCH, JOBSTOWN – Tuesday & Thursday at 10 am. Sunday Mass at 11.30 am.
We are still looking for stewards for each of our 4 churches. If you yourself would like to take part in this new vital ministry or you know someone (over 18) who is willing to help, please contact St. Mark’s parish office on 01 462 0777.
We had the initial training last Saturday and we are grateful to everyone who came to that.
Please pray for our mission of making disciples of all nations!
IMPORTANT: on the advice of health authorities, the government have reimposed to 50 person limit on all indoor gatherings INCLUDING churches. So for the moment we will only be able to accomodate 50 people at any Mass: this includes a priest, a sacristan, Music ministry, Ministers of the Word & Eucharist, stewards etc, so in practice we will have a limit of about 43/4 people.
With these considerations it is important that we remember that people can fulfill their Sunday obligation on ANY DAY and consider visiting other parish churches (Mass times above).
Lets continue to pray for one another and our parish communities. God Bless. Fr. Pat and Parish Team