Reduce the use of Plastic Bottles this Lent

The Reality
 An estimated 183 million litres of water were
bought in Republic of Ireland in 2017, according
to Drinks Industry Ireland.
 Almost one million plastic bottles are bought
every minute around the world.
 Of these, fewer than half are recycled – the rest
will take more than 400 years to decompose in
 Most of these represent single use plastic.
 Plastic is finding its way into the oceans and
harming marine life.
How can we do our bit?
 Avoid wasting water: it is a limited resource.
 Drink more tap water where it is safe.
 Remember your reusable water bottle.
 When buying soft drinks buy cans or glass: these
can be recycled more successfully than plastic.
 Use a bar of soap rather than liquid soap in
plastic containers.
 Buy products in reusable bottles if possible.