Scripture Notes – Sunday 11th October 2020

Dear Friends

1. YouTube video
The YouTube videos are intended to be a fresh exploration of the Gospel, with an eye to spiritual, pastoral and practical concerns.

  • Gospel (Matthew 22:1-14) exploration (YouTube)
  • Gospel (Matthew 22:1-14) exploration (Zoom)
  • Full set of videos  (YouTube)

2. John Barton Lecture
The second reason for writing is to alert you to an online talk organised by the National Bible Society of Ireland. The speaker is Rev. Prof. John Barton, the author of the recent  A History of the Bible.The Book and its Faiths.  The talk is a follow-up presentation, looking at recent Jewish Biblical theologies. Here are the details:

Host: National Bible Society of Ireland
Speaker: Rev. Prof. John Barton
Title: “Recent Jewish Approaches to Biblical Theology”
Time: Wednesday, 15th October @ 7.30 pm.
There is no charge. 

This talk is an online Zoom webinar. To take part, it is necessary to register.  In order to register for it, click on the this link.


For a poster with more details: click here.

BTW if you haven’t read Barton’s book, it is really good — as honest an overview as you could wish.

Wishing you all every blessing in the week to come,