Scripture Notes – Sunday 23rd November 2020 [Christ the King]

Come, you whom my Father has blessed, take for your heritage the kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world.

Dear friends, 

A very warm welcome to all to Hearers of the Word for Sunday, 23 November 2020, the feast of Christ the King.

1. Tarsus Scripture School
Our programme for Advent 2020 is entitled Resilient faith: Advent spirituality for a time of pandemic. All the details of topics, resources, a webinar and registration may be found in one place: Tarsus Scripture School.

2. Hearers of the Word (vol. 4) for Advent and Christmas 2020.
The next volume of Hearers of the Word, for Advent and Christmas, until the second Sunday of the year,  is now available for online purchase here. (See the picture below)

3. Sunday 34A20  (23 November 2020, Christ the King)
Full notes (PDF)
Gospel notes (audio)
Gospel notes (portable)

4. YouTube video 
The video on Matthew 25:31-46 explains in greater details the differences between the traditional reading of this “parable” and emerging contemporary readings.

5. Some inspiration 
The Feast of Christ the King
by Malcolm Guite

Our King is calling from the hungry furrows
Whilst we are cruising through the aisles of plenty,
Our hoardings screen us from the man of sorrows,
Our soundtracks drown his murmur: ‘I am thirsty.’
He stands in line to sign in as a stranger
And seek a welcome from the world he made,
We see him only as a threat, a danger,
He asks for clothes, we strip-search him instead.
And if he should fall sick then we take care
That he does not infect our private health,
We lock him in the prison of our fear
Lest he unlock the prisons of our wealth.
But still on Sunday we shall stand and sing
The praises of our hidden Lord and King.

Wishing you all every blessing in the week to come,

Kieran O’Mahony OSA