Scripture Notes – Sunday 2nd August

They all ate as much as they wanted.

Tabgha: Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves

Dear friends, 

If you have been to the Holy Land, you will almost certainly have been in the church of the Multiplication of the Loaves in Tabgha. The church itself is new but the mosaics are old, going back to the Byzantine period. When there, I like to tease pilgrims by asking them why there are only four loaves in the basket, while the number of fish is accurate. The fifth loaf is not in the mosaic but on the altar — to symbolise that all taking part in the Eucharist share in anticipation in the end-time banquet symbolised by the miracle. The gospel is not really about the past but about the present moment. For a fuller exploration of this and its potential for today you might think of looking at the Gospel exploration on YouTube. The awkward question of what “really happened” is, as always, a good one!

(There is an extra set of notes for the feast of the Transfiguration.)

1.  Sunday 2 August (18A20)
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Gospel notes only (audio)
Gospel notes only (portable)

Short presentations, going a little deeper into the Gospel passage.
Gospel exploration (YouTube)
Gospel exploration (Zoom)

2. The Feast of the Transfiguration 6 August
Full notes (PDF)
Gospel notes only (audio)
Gospel notes only (portable)

3. Online Gospel explorations (complete list)
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4. Some inspiration from Malcolm Guite

Where to get bread? An ever-pressing question
That trembles on the lips of anxious mothers,
Bread for their families, bread for all these others;
A whole world on the margin of exhaustion.
And where that hunger has been satisfied
Where to get bread? The question still returns
In our abundance something starves and yearns
We crave fulfillment, crave and are denied.
And then comes One who speaks into our needs
Who opens out the secret hopes we cherish
Whose presence calls our hidden hearts to flourish
Whose words unfold in us like living seeds

“Come to me, broken, hungry, incomplete,
I Am the Bread of Life, break Me and eat.”

5. Charity Cycle for Welcome Home
Each year, I do a charity cycle for the homeless (Peter McVerry’s Welcome Home). If you’d like to contribute, click on this link here. The cycle is scheduled for Saturday, 12th September. Even if it doesn’t take place, I’ll do the 140km around the Phoenix Park and try not to get dizzy!! Sincere thanks to all who have already contributed.

Every blessing,

Kieran O’Mahony OSA