Scripture Notes – Sunday 7th February 2021

 Hearers of the Word: Jesus went all through Galilee, preaching

The Sea of Galilee (February, 2019)

Sunday, 7 February 2021


A new word has wound its way into the English language: Blursday, denoting the blurring of days during our weary lockdown. The Book of Job does not use the term of course, but something of that experience is reflected in the first reading for this Sunday. Similar passages can be found in Ecclesiastes or, leaping forward two millennia, Samuel Beckett.

As is customary, that reading is chosen in light of the Gospel, which tells of multiple healings. Mark 1:29-39 offers four short vignettes, very powerful in their brevity. The third story — Jesus at prayer — brings us back to his and our source of strength in these days.

Sunday 5B21 (7th February)

The Gospel explorations offer an extra perspective on the third reading each Sunday.

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Some inspiration

We may be wondering where is Christ in all this pandemic. Malcolm Guite — whose poetry is often referenced in these notes — wrote eloquently about Christ’s presence in his poem entitled Easter 2020. You may read the poem on his website, where you may also like to listen to the poet reciting it himself. Easter 2020 will feature in the Easter/Pentecost volume of Hearers of the Word.

Hearers of the Word: Lent and Holy Week 2021

The very next volume of Hearers of the Word is now available. As well as the notes, it offers an extended presentation of the Old Testament readings for the Easter Vigil and a short essay on speaking of salvation today. You can order it online here.