Scripture Notes – Sunday 7th November 2021


A poor widow came and put in two small coins

COP 26

Columban missionary, Fr. Seán McDonagh speaks about the urgent for all to act now if we are to save the Planet for future generations. Leading up to COP 26, Sean McDonagh argues that the churches have a moral responsibility to care for the Earth and work towards protecting our Planet from further disaster due to Climate Change. To see the video, click here.


Advent is approaching and it is not too soon to let you know that the next volume of Hearers of the Word is now available. As before, the Sundays covered are from Advent 1C through the Christmas season to Sunday 2C (the wedding feast at Cana). To buy a copy online, click on the link above or on the image below.

The widow’s mite

The cartoon (from helps to emphasise a point made in the YouTube video: not to leave the Gospel in the past (aimed the scribes) nor to use it simply to point to others (i.e. our spiritual leaders). Instead, we are called to bring the Gospel message into our personal present. Mark is still teaching about discipleship, this time as the common foundation for leadership in the faith community. What is expected of leaders is expected of us all, no more, no less.

Free public lecture

This year, the National Bible Society is delighted to welcome Prof. Helen Bond. All are welcome to this talk on the female disciples of Jesus.

  • Prof. Helen Bond (Edinburgh).
  • “Fisherwomen, Courtiers and Householders: Remembering Jesus’ Female Disciples.”
  • Friday, 5 November @ 7.30 pm.
  • Wesley House, Leeson Park, Dublin D06 N5P0.
  • Admission is free; no need to book; bring a mask.

The readings