Scripture Notes – Sunday October 3rd 2021

So then, what God has united, man must not divide.


The teaching of Jesus on marriage and divorce is best understood first of all in the context of the time. In that context, the teaching would have been seen as prophetic, against the grain, calling people to a different, more original ideal and offering greater security to women.

In contemporary terms, it is decidedly un-prophetic simply to repeat what was said then. Instead, we are called in our own time to be prophetic — against the grain, both social and ecclesial — calling all people, without distinction, to both love and life-long commitment.

The Readings

Some inspiration

Every so often, the Pontifical Biblical Commission publishes what we would call position papers on topics of general and church interest. For more than thirty years, these positions papers have proved very helpful, on a wide variety of topics. The most recent one is on biblical anthropology — what it means to be human — and it is much better than its unfortunate exclusivist title would suggest, “What is Man?”

It is a substantial contribution to the debate, running to some 350 pages and not yet available in English digitally on It is available there in Italian, however (as well as in Korean and Polish). The English translation may be purchased on Amazon and BookDepository. Veritas (in Ireland) has it in their shops (but not online, oddly).