Scripture Readings for Sunday 28th June

Dear friends, 
Thanks to all who took part in the Scripture Summer School. The presentations are now open to everyone, free of charge.

On this Sunday, our Gospel is one of the most attractive and best-loved paragraphs in Matthew, breathing an air of invitation and serenity…just what we need, as we undertake the cautious next stage of easing the C-19 restrictions.  If you’ve never done it before, you might consider taking a look at the Gospel Exploration on YouTube which goes beyond the notes as given to see what surprises the Gospel might yield. 

1.  The readings for Sunday 28 June (13A20)
Full notes (PDF)
Gospel notes only (audio)
Gospel notes only (portable)
Gospel exploration (YouTube)

2. Online Gospel lectures (complete list)
YouTube lectures

3. Christian readings of the pandemic
I haven’t read either of these books just yet but I trust both writers as committed believers and exciting scholars. As we emerge, perhaps their insights may help us recognise what is happening in terms of faith.

NT Wright: God and the Pandemic
Walter Brueggemann: Virus as a Summons to Faith

4. Some music
Come unto him (Handel, The Messiah; boy soprano and organ)

Every blessing,

Kieran O’Mahony OSA