Tallaght Parish Cell Communities

Tallaght Parish Cell Communities
We invite you to join the Parish Cell Communities of
St. Martin de Porres and St. Anne’s for a celebration on
Tuesday, 2nd October at 8pm in St. Martin de Porres
Church, Old Bawn on the theme Jesus lives, his
presence in our world. Fr. Paul Fenech, vice president
of the international cell body will join us from Milan.
We hope to be joined by representatives of each parish
in the Tallaght Deanery to witness the joy and renewal
that the parish cell system of evangelisation is bringing
to our parish.
We also run a six week programme called Journey into
Freedom which gives a glimpse of the cell community.
We start a new programme on Monday at 7.30pm on
the 10th September. For more information contact
St. Martin de Porres Parish Office, tel. 01-4510160.